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for the petraeus affair. and john mccain and his bff lindsay graham want to keep scott brown in the senate so badly this they are willing to said anything, tell any lie about unn ambassador susan rice. that's coming up. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are, or may become pregnant or are breast feeding should not use androgel. serious side effects incl
him. it worked. >> i hoped. i wasn't quite sure. >> the night lindsay disappeared. thanks for joining us. i'm lester holt. it stumped police for years, the case of a young missing college who went missing. they finally get their big break from a very small thing. take a look at this photo. there's a key clue here, a single detail spotted by an eagle eye detective. that's what helped him turn this nine-year mystery into a slam-dunk case. watch now and see exactly how he did it. here's josh mankiewicz. >> sometimes the facts are as clear as the southern california sky, but other times you have to know where to look to see the truth. this man has made a career of noticing what others do not. >> what's his reputation? >> meticulous investigator. just pores over the volume of evidence and found what others did not find. >> the evidence whisperer? >> correct. >> at night i went out dancing. >> does this man act guilty? does he know more than he's saying. >> i didn't know anything was going on, all right? >> what about this man? can you believe the story he's telling? >> i was supposed to pi
is a miracle. >> everyone, i never thought i would be my own mother. >> the 17-year-old lindsay never thought she'd safe a live. not her mother's but she did, on sunday. using cpr, learning at fremont high three years ago. her family had been watching the 49ers at home. laurie suffered a cardiac arrest. lindsay immediately began mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, helped by a neighbor. joey gonzales, who also performed his first cpr. doctors credit lindsay not only saving her mom's life but functionality, feeding oxygen to her brain as they waited for paramedics her mother calls her her angel. >> i still can't believe what she did. thank god she was home. >> fremont high school started this class in 2008, required learning for all freshman. it was funded with a two-year grant from a local foundation. each student received a kit with a practice mannequin and a 20 minute dvd. >> we taught a thousand kids and in 2008. and 700 kids approximately in 2009. >> lindsay took the class in 2009 as a freshman. >> her mom never knew her daughter could do cpr. now, she showed her for the f
time at el camino hospital with wife laurie and daughter lindsay. they had a scare of a life at home sunday. >> brought the hamburgers in from the grill. there she was on the couch. stiff, purple. and i just started screaming for my daughter. >> i heard my dad, call my name. and i never heard him say my name that loud. >> 17-year-old lindsay took one look at her mother and jumped into action. >> plugged her nose. made sure she had a clear throat. picked up her head a little bit. it wasn't leaning back i blew in her mouth. >> lindsay says she took a one-hour cpr class two years ago. so she now how to bring life back into her mother. >> oh, well here is a story. i couldn't believe it. you know? my daughter saved my life. >> doctors say lori has long qt syndrome. her heart stopped. she didn't breathe for 25 minute. her extended family came to her bedside. because doctors didn't believe sheaf would survive the she pulled through. it may be because of lindsay. >> even the doctors were telling me that, without that, my wife would have been gone. >> doctors are calling this teenager a hero.
to the weekend forecast. i will follow you in on that in a few minutes. lindsay, what is going in sports. >> below average doesn't work in sports. d.c. unite side a must-win and the wizards must win and redskins will get helping hands back this weekend. later in sports as the news edge at 6 continues.  . >>> drivers will get the new test drive starting tomorrow. the five-year construction project adds four new lanes from the beltway to springfield and north of the dulles toll road. motorists and cars of three more people can use it free. the cost will run between 3 and $k is. and it's less during offpeek hours. aaa expects the lanes will be tracked with thanksgiving travelers this year. more than 1 million people expected to travel more than 50 miles, most on the roads. the air travel is expected to increase this -- decrease this year and they're finding better deals. >>> a local water company looking to save trees. the washington suburban sanitary commission going green and offering paperless bills. once you register, wssc will send you an e-mail when the bill's ready. you ha
mother. >>reporter: 17-year-old lindsay never thought she would save a life. certainly not her own mother's. but she did. last sunday. by using cpr. which she learned at fremont high 3 years ago. her family had been watching the 49ers at home. when lori suffered a cardiac arrest. lindsay medley began mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions. she was helped by a neighbor joe gonzalez who also performed his first cpr. doctors credit lindsay for not only saving her mom's life but her function national by feeding oxygen to her brain as they waited for paramedic to arrive. her mother calls lindsay her angel. >> i still can't believe what she did. thank god she was home. >>reporter: fremont high school started the cpr class ins 2008 as required learning for all freshmen. it was funded with a 2 year grant from a local foundation. each student received a kit with a practice manikin and 20 minute dvd. deputy chief steve drew conceived the project. >> we taught 1,000 kids in 2008 and 700 kids approximately 200 2009. >>reporter: lindsay took the class in 2009 as a fres
ready for this? lindsay lohan set to walk into our times square studio this morning for her only live interview. she is playing the world's most famous movie star. but first, she is live on "good morning america." >>> good morning, america. we have breaking news just as we come on the air. sirens welling across southern israel and tel aviv right there. palestinian rock et cetera targeting tel aviv just exploded. we're right on the edge of war in the middle east right now. there's no injuries reported from this latest shell explosion. but this is a serious escalation. >> we have our eye on all of the developments there. >>> and we also have the latest on the millionaire software titan on the run. police could be closing in on him right now. and abc news has learned, he may never have left his house. we have the exclusive photo showing the bunker where he may have been hiding out. >>> and get ready to meet the heaviest triplets in the world. sidney, elliot and jenson. all of the details on their birth. >>> we have a lot to get to. we want to get to the deadly and horrifying crash in tex
for credibility in his own party. you have john mccain and lindsay graham who are exploiting benghazi benghazi, and they are doing it to take republicans like them again. >> that's a good point. we knew this was going to happen during the election. but now that it is over, and obama won, in a land slide -- >> john: and it's par for the more to democrats to buckle. >> good point. but why are they still pushing this? >> because they are still running for president of benghazi gate. and the loss of the four americans was horrible but if george bush would have been president when this happened and if any democrat ever dared criticize the president, december 8th, 1941, so it has been a while since we have actually been at war. and we want to know what you all think out there. call in to 866-55-press if you are some right-winger who has been fed a steady diet of benghazi please call us and explain what we're missing. as well we'll be talking about twinkies and whether their bankruptcy is a good thing or an honest thing, and the mideast violence of course. we have great guests
heads our way, how much rain, coming up. >> -- >>> actress lindsay lohan has >>> actress lindsay lohan has been realized again. people are stuck in very old d habits of using toothpaste to clean their denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. >>> a film based on the shooting death of oscar grant will premiere at the sundance film festival the movie is selected to compete for best dramatic film in utah next week. it is expected to cover the shooting of the unarmed oakland man. grant was killed by a bart officer new year's day 2009. it stars octavia spencer. >>> historic bay area oyster farm is about to be history. interior secretary al czar just announced the governmen
? >> plus, her odd connection to angelina jolie. >>> lindsay lohan's mom with "e.t." today. >> lindsay was supposed to sit down with barbara walters, what happened? >> the barbara waters backout. the drug allegations. is dina in denial? >> plus, only we have lindsay as cleopatra. >>> and then "dancing with the stars" after kirstie? what she only told us about her last dance.
. >> that's my story i'm sticking to it. >> lindsay lohan, you know what? >> every morning we are terrified we are going to hear one more story. 4:00 a.m., apparently according to tmz and other sources, she was at a night club. >> these things never happen at church. she was at a club at 4:00 in the morning. >> someone was sitting at an adjacent booth and there was some exchange of words. lindsay said something like give me my space. they say at the end of the whole deal lindsay lohan allegedly pun. lindsay in the face. she was on the way leaving and the police intercepted her. i guess that's her under the coat. >> how many times is she going to take the perp walk? >> she is always on tv saying i'm done with partying. she's been saying that a lot lately. done with it. the new me. >> that's the girl who got -- okay. >> maybe she wasn't drinking, but i've never been in a club at 4:00 in the morning in my life. i've been in clubs before like around 11:00. most people are drinking. most people are a little uninhibited. what are you doing in a club at 4:00? every time she goes to one, it seems l
virginia and georgetown faces florida. lindsay murphy has a preview of tonight's hoyas game, right? >> yes. the stage is set for the hoyas. a court and 3800 seats have been built on the uss ship. one of the many events taking place in weekend to honor the military. the basketball team arrived in jacksonville yesterday. they toured the ship yesterday all in preparation for their season opener tonight. you see the ship getting ready right there. tonight they tip-off against tenth raped florida. while neither team practiced outside this week to get ready, they tested the court out yesterday. this will be a bit of a litmus test for georgetown. no seniors. >> i feel like i need more time, you know. there are so many things that we still have to get better at and stuff to work on. you look and say the season ran up on us pretty quick. >> reporter: we are go have to defend. >> it's a big first game. most teams start out with lower ranked teams. we have our first game against florida, a team that's ranked in the top 25. we don't have a chance to relax. there is a lot of pressure on us from the be
. >> and they try to sing a winning tune against the visiting utah jazz. lindsay murphy is up next in sports. >> what a nice day. take a look at the temperatures. a bit of a warm flow as far as the east coast is concerned to the south. he's where the cooler weather is. it is it headed our way? the full details are just ahead. 
.  . >>> lindsay murphy is here with sports and talking wizards tonight. >> you wouldn't think it would be a good night for a teen, right? >> yeah. >> what would you think the outcome would be in. >> and i am thinking not looking good. >> a blowout? >> right. >> and that is looking good. it's been four days since the season opener in cleveland. four long days to absorb the 10- point loss and figure out a way to respond in the home opener at the verizon center. last year, not a lot. only 20 wins and 46 losses in a lockout season. in the middle, there is the rookie. his first intro at home and struggled over five with two major free-throw. the fourth quarter, down three and from the top of the key. the three is good for the first tie of the game. only at 84 and the bench erupts. the wizards next possession to him. he has the jumper. the wizards first lead of the game, 86-84. the celtics answer. paul pierce with the three of his own and that silences the crowd. had a game high 27. boston is back in front by one. the final seconds, wizards down one and a tough fadeaway from the corner and not even cl
said she feels insulted by lady gaga. georgia tells us why in the hollywood headlines. >>> lindsay lohan's got a new blame game going on. jermaine jackson seems to be distancing himself from his family. and miley cyrus is talking about wedding plans, lots of them. >> joining us once again, georgia is with the hollywood headlines. georgia, this ongoing feud between madonna and lady gaga, reaching a new level. is there a peace offering out there from madonna? >> madonna tried to offer a peace offering, but lady gaga kind of said no. it's crazy. i'm very surprised at this, because lady gaga, you can certainly tell madonna was a big influence for her. at least it seems that way to me. she was at a concert in minnesota, and she told her fans there, you know, i offered -- i asked lady gaga to come on stage with me and she said no. madonna said, it's no big deal. i've had rejection before. it's all good. rejection builds character. can you believe how hot that could be, with lady gaga and madonna on stage together? >> lindsay lohan has an excuse for getting into trouble. it involves every
's all set. here we go. [ bell chimes ] and it's lindsay. boulder, colorado? that's it. [ applause ] lindsay hanway. yes. from portland, oregon. mm-hmm. student at oregon state, studying... sociology. u in? i'm a senior. so, real life is gonna be raising its ugly head soon. soon. [ laughs ] actually, speaking of real life, you're married, right? are yo soon. i am,ghs ] to my wonderful husband, doug. and what do you like to do -- you guys -- for fun? i like to bake cupcakes, and we like to go to comedy shows me with family. does he like to eat cupcakes? he loves to eat cupcakes. then it's a perfect marriage. nice to have you here, lindsay. thank you. reggie ash jr. is from dublin, ohio. a marriage and family therapist back there, right? yep. and you're married. yes, i am, to my beautiful wife, adrienne. we have a son, just turned 1 -- reggie iii. oh, good. carrying on the tradition. absolutely. big football fan. do you have a team that you...? born and raised in indianapolis. i'm a huge colts fan. okay, that's the home, huh? yeah. all right, good to have you with us. good luck to y
know, picked up her head a little bit. leaning back. and lindsay says she took a one hour cpr class at high school two years ago. so she knew how to breathe life back into her mother. >> oh, well here is a story. i couldn't believe it. you know, my daughter saves my life. >> doctors say, laurie has syndrome. and her heart stopped. she didn't breathe for 25 minutes. extended family came to her bedside. doctors didn't believe she would survive. but she pulled through. and it -- may be because of lindsay. >> the doctors were telling me without that. my life would have been gone. >> doctors are calling this teenager a hero. >> it makes me feel amazing. it makes me feel so close. to her than i ever was. like -- it's crazy. >> she is my mom. i love her. >> nbc bay area news. wow, a tear-jerker. when you do your grocery shopping, you have a great opportunity to giant us here at nbc bay area. and nbc bay area is joining safe way for an annual food drive. 165 bay area stores are hosting the end hunger drive. just about all of us from the nbc bay air y news team. another, to help collect dona
. not to worry. >>> in entertainment headlines, lindsay lohan may be headed back to jail. stop me if you've heard this before. the 26-year-old actress will reportedly be charged with lying to police after she slammed her porsche into an 18-wheeler back in june. lohan claimed she wasn't behind the wheel but officials say otherwise, which may lead to her probation being revoked. so it doesn't end. >>> seven of barbara walters' most fascinating people of 2012 have been unveiled. and, no, sorry everyone, lindsay lohan is not one of them. some of the choices aren't too surprising like olympian gabby douglas. governor chris christie we showed you before. plus others are raising some eyebrows like british boy band, one direction. not really the demo you think. maybe she's going after a different demographic, a certain one. you know the one. >>> speaking of getting beaten up for the sake of the movies. this is a poster of ryan gosling's newest film. he looks a bit different. the actor is seen bloody and bruised, probably making it hard to top the list of sexiest men alive, just in that photograph. >>> th
clip? >>> entertainment headlines. lindsay lohan may be headed back to jail. have you heard this before? >> we should do a clip of you saying that 20 times. >> just but it up against one another. the 20-year-old actress will reportedly be charged with lying to police after she slammed her porsche into an 18-wheeler back in june. lohan claims she wasn't behind the wheel but officials say otherwise. >>> seven of barbara walters' most fascinating people of 2012 have been unveiled. no, sorry, lindsay lohan is not one of them. some choices aren't too surprising like olympic gabby douglas, governor chris christie, sure, okay, but some others are raising eyebrows like british boy band one direction. >> i saw the crowd. the girls love the boys. >> maybe barbara's going for a certain demographic, you know. >>> jackie chan won't be kung fu fighting anymore. he's 50 years old and says the upcoming film will be his last action film. while some will be disappointed by the news, he says i don't want to risk my life to sit in a wheelchair. >> he's a legend already. >> yeah, he's done and done. >>> tal
are in for lindsay lohan's elizabeth taylor, and brad pitt defends his chanel ads. >>> plus, we'll tell you why you don't want to mess with this crime-fighting nanny. you're watching "early today." no problems in the west today. it's tomorrow we'll deal with a couple storms that will move through. temperatures today, seasonal, 60s in southern california, 80s near phoenix. northwest after a chilly start getting up into the 50s. as advertised as we get into wednesday, we introduce a chance of rain about everywhere. a large storm system has dragged out. as it slowly slides onshore, the heaviest rain also be in northern california and into the mountains. still a chance of rain in the northwest and in southern california. >> bill, we'll keep an eye on that. thanks so much. >>> well, yet another "two and a half men" star is speaking out against the show. this is getting a lot of attention. angus t. jones, the half man in the show's title, recently made some scathing comments about the program during a videotaped religious testimonial. jones, a seventh day adventist who earns about $350,000 per episode, t
i'll dale when the next storm heads our way, how much rain, coming up. >> -- >>> actress lindsay lohan has been realized again. latest incident that sent her to jail overnight. >>> a film based on the shooting death of oscar grant will premiere at the sundance film festival the movie is selected to compete for best dramatic film in utah next week. it is expected to cover the shooting of the unarmed oakland man. grant was killed by a bart officer new year's day 2009. it stars octavia spencer. >>> historic bay area oyster farm is about to be history. interior secretary al czar just announced the government is shutting -- shutting down the drakes bay oyster company. ending a long environmental battle. salazar visited last week and concluded the landscape should be returned to wilderness. environmentalists say it threatened seals. senator feinstein fought to save the farm saying it was key to the area's economy. the lease expires tomorrow. >>> meteorologist lisa argen taking a look at that second storm on the way. >> wind gusts 35 miles an hour, light rain already reported around the
? >>> then -- >> i have a few things to say about lindsay lohan. >> barbara walters lays into lindsay for canceling her interview. >>> hollywood plastic surgery week. new star facelifts. wrapped up in bandages.
with anita and topper. we'll see you then. is always on. ♪ "e.t." >>> lindsay lohan. blindsided on live tv. >> just today, there was news that you allegedly have a new half-sister. >> i didn't even hear that. so, thanks for the news. >> lindsay lohan's surprise sister. >> her father finding out on a talk show. >> michael is ashley's father. >> now, dina lohan comes to "e.t." revealing what she knew. >> the woman actually called me, the mother of the child, crying. >>> jessica biel's first interview about her wedding with justin timberlake. >> our ceremony was really beautiful. i just feel bubbly and sparkly. >>> plus, is selena gomez back with justin bieber? where we caught the exes out together. >>> then, "e.t.'s" power list with jessica simpson. our all-new interview. >> people were banging on the car and i felt like a beatle.
day, mr. stein. >> lindsay, one question. >> lindsay vaughn, olympic skier. >> [beep]. >> this is hilarious. >> sorry. we have to interrupt really quick. >> what? >> hey, johnny, can we talk about your parents for a second? >> what happened? >> johnny walker's parents went out for halloween. the dad dressed as dax and the mom is charles. >> your dad rocks. >> your parents are fun. >> yeah, they're great. >> guess what i got charles! [laughter] >> great. >> who's the boss now? [laughter] >> here's the boss. oh, gosh. >> coming up -- >> there's this adorable monkey in the san francisco zoo that everybody believes is like the good luck charm for the giants to win the world series. >> the rally monkey is an angel thing. >> where does the rally monkey live? >> on the big screen. >> jessica. she's a playboy model. jessica's hot shower. >> oh, my god. >> no one showers like that. >> she does. [laughter] >> "tmz," brought to you by centrum. >> coming up -- >> alison hanigan. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ man ] i got it when i uploaded a gigab
elected tammy baldwin the first openly lesbian senator. sorry, lindsay graham. yeah. you missed the lindsay graham joke. it was a pretty good one. ( laughter ). perhaps the best news was in florida. after months of republican governor rick scott attempting to suppress democratic voter turnout, and attempting to decrease voter discomfort and my favorite introducing a 10-page novelette state ballot to people who couldn't handle a ( bleep ) one-page ballot. florida remains too close to call. what is the good news, you say? the election was decide without them. ( applause ) ( cheers ) for once, florida's cluster ( bleep ) is irrelevant. it's like hearing good news, america. the tumor on your dong is benign. ( laughter ). it's a joke about... come on. we're tired! for the most part, the news naeks acquitted themselves nicely with little of the early called controversy and malfunctions of years past, except b.m.n., bull ( bleep ) mountain news, who were caught flat foot bide a historic storm did spite all the evidence just days before, they never saw coming. >> i think mitt romney is
those defending rice. she blasted gop senators mccain and lindsay graham for saying rice was untrust worthy, suggesting their comments were both racist and sexist. the delegate said rice is a victim of partisan attacks. >> we do not intend to stand by while ambassador susan rice, who had nothing to do with the tragic ben ghazi attack or the aftermath s made the scapegoat of the tragedy because she re- laid to the public the only official intelligence that was available to the administration at the time. >> this one is getting pretty ugly. republicans in the senate have said they would block royce's possible nomination as secretary of state. >>> also at 5, a developing story overseas. people are living in fear along the israel-gaza border. the violence intensified a third consecutive day with missiles being fired from both sides. izvalley lining u.s. tanks and carriers along the boarder. the e cryptian prime minister went into gaza trying to organize some kind of cease fire but was unsuccessful. so far, about 20 people have died and many of them just children. >>> a falling soldier is
to hold him. he is now back home in beirut. a development as senator mccain and lindsay graham are calling the results of this administration's failed foreign policies. >>> new developments in the consulate attack in libya. the white house said it never altered the cia's talking points, blaming the attack on al qaeda. former cia director petraeus told congress on friday the agency always knew that terrorism was involved. he's more. >> reporter: the mystery of who changeed the ci attacking -- on the libya attack deepens today as the white house weighs in and said no one there made the controversial changes. according to sources on capitol hill, former cia director general david petraeus told lawmakers on friday that the original cia unclassified memo said it was an al qaeda-linked terror attack. but that al qaeda part was excised in favor of a reference to extremist organizations. before, it was given to members of congress and administration officials. who made that change? the white house said that it only made one edit to the talking points, which was to call the ben ghazi site a governm
george joins us with hollywood headlines when we >>> a big bite of a new restaurant. and lindsay lohan's family gets a little bigger. >> georgia is here with us today. so, georgia, guy has a hit tv show. we recognize his spiked platinum hair. well, his restaurant in times square, the new one, got a scathing review. what's been his reaction to it? >> well, he's saying he thinks that the reviewer is trying to get attention. but i think this reviewer has really done a disservice to himself. because what does everybody want to do? they want to go to the restaurant to see if it was that bad. i thought it was funny, because he said stuff like what's that blue drink that looks like nuclear waste? what's in the margarita, the watermelon margarita that tastes like formaldehyde? so i want to check it out. the thing is, the reviewer has gone there four times and the restaurant has only been open two months, and that's kind of not really what they do. he thinks this guy wants attention and he got it. >> mission accomplished. people everywhere use the internet to listen to their favorite music. now
capitol hill. she will meet with john mccain lindsay gram and kelly eye ott to answer questions about the deadly attack in benghazi. kelly wright has more this morning. >> good morning to you. it appears to be the frounter for being possibly nominated as the new secretary of state. if she is nominated she will need to be confirmed by lawmakers. she will face some today who were not impressed at all with her handle eing of benghazi. susan rice will face her toughest critic after comments she said five days after the attacks on the benghazi consulate. >> what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> that explanation byam ambassador rice continues to dog her. republicans on capitol hill john mccain telling fox news bill o'reilly rice failed to act. >> don't we all have a responsibility before we go out and talk to the american people and all five sunday morning shows for verifying those facts are true? there was class fighted information which she has access to which clearly contradicted that. she also by the
, the celebrity reviews are in for lindsay lohan's elizabeth taylor. bill says they were great. the reviews, not so much. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. arts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. yeah, i might have ears like a rabbit... but i want to eat meat! [ male announcer ] iams knows dogs love meat. ...but most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ dog 2 ] look at me! i'm a lean, mean flying machine [ dog 1 ] i am too! woo hoo! [ male announcer ] iams. with 50% more animal protein. [ dog 2 ] i'm an iams dog for life. not a rabbit. woof! and now -- i got a great new way to get deals. it's called bankamerideals, from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and i get as much as 15% cash back -- put into my account. this is on top of other rewards and
this morning, actress lindsay lohan was arrested again just hours ago in new york. lindsay lohan was arrested hours ago this morning she hit a woman in a face at a new york city nightclub. there she is covered up. we just got this in lindsay lohan is facing charges of third degree assault. if she is formally charged with this newest crime, this could trigger yet another probation violation. >>> we should know if it would be okay for same sex marriage and preparations are being made for the rush. the voter approved ban on same sex marriage in california. if the court decides not to take on the case, same sex marriage could be legal in a week or so. >> they will start to have staff on hand to perform marriages because there could be crowds and number two from a public safety perspective, that would delay a ruling until june. >>> apple is adding a new work site and apple robbedly will release it and the current buildings with 2 new office areas will be built. and that's in cupertino with the new space ship complex. apple has released space for thousands of employees in sunny veil. >>> barry bond
's highest paid musician and how he cashed in. >>> and is lindsay lohan just a magnet for trouble? the accusation, the arrest, and what it means for her future. you're watching "world news now." ♪ bad girls sad girls talking about bad bad girls ♪ >> announcer: abc's "world news now" weather brought to you by >> announcer: abc's "world news now" weather brought to you by quantum finish ball. [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, hd 3 picker-upper... able now costs even less. brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. ♪ bad girl ♪ talking about ♪ bad girl ♪ talking about >> perfect song. >> excellent choice. well done. >>> another day, another arrest for lindsay lohan. this time she's facing charges for allegedly punching a woman inside a new york nightclub. yes, punching a woman. >> that was only the beginning
. >> eric: two lotto winners but what about the celebrities get in trouble. lindsay lohan is in handcuffs again. dajustin bieber is boozing it up. halle berry can't keep it together. we'll have that when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: sad day on "the five." we have didn't win the lotto. i don't know why. the up side is we all showed up for work today. two winning tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. nobody claimed the prizes yet but when they do, it could be a cash pay-out of $385 million. before taxes. that is almost $200 million apiece. that is the kind of math i like. big winnings. so not so bad. first bit of advice i have is sign the ticket. okay. photograph it. sign it. make sure you have witnesses. bad things can happen. right, dana? >> dana: what could happen? >> kimberly: someone else could take it and sign it. have the winning ticket an sign it and dana perino. people think it's yours. >> dana: that is devious. >> bob: somebody has their phone on here, because i hear it in my ear. >> kimberly: we are going to hand them all off. >> bob: if you are not married and
ser muy peligroso para usted y otros conductores inocentes. >>lindsay cassinelli nos trae la informacion deportiva >>muchas gracias, estamos a menos de 24 horas de conocer cuales serán los dos equipos que disputarán la final de la liga mx. mañana al américa le toca bailar con la fea, pues se enfrenta a un fuete rival la participación de chucho benitez esta en veremos, mañana 12:45 hrs por univisióndeportes. >>y tijuana recibe a león. la fiera saco un buen resultado en el partido de ida dos a cero, por lo que los xolos deben marcar en caso., >>partido de pronostico reservado disfrutelo mañana por univisión deportes n etwork >>en inglaterra hay un chicharito suelto. el manchester recibe al rival, se van arriba, anotando 3 goles en siete minutos. >>la cereza del pastel la puso chicharito con un golazo de pierna derecha, sentenciando el partido tres por uno >>a real madrid le fue como en feria ante betis, ganan uno por cero >>hasta aquí la informacion deportiva, muy buenas noches >>y los invitamos mañana domingo a presenciar el desafio que enfrentan los equipos de fue
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